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According to the old scriptures, the origin less om , whom people say Adi Shiva, Adi purush or Akal purush, having no color, no shape, malice toward none, without any fear, never born; had a thought a desire to become numerous from one self. From this seeding of desire the appeared one beautiful Lotus flower from the ocean of milk; from this lotus flower Brahma ji appeared. He was ordained to create conditions favorable for the emergence of life and construction of this universe. He set upon his task and Lot in no time appeared wonderful creative scenes over the landscape of this world. He made four categories of living beings:

1.   Creatures taking birth out of eggs

2.   living beings born in placenta

3.   Born out of sweat parasites etc.

4.   Coming out of the curst of earth, vegetation etc.

These four major categories gave rise to eighty-four lack verities of beings. He also created positive and negative powers to keep the circle moving

As an electric current passing through two electrodes, positive and negative wires can enlighten hundreds of electric bulbs and tubes, runs fans, air conditioners and air coolers giving controlled temperature in rooms, cars, Houses,  offices etc, It brings movement in Railway engines, industrial machines and other gadgets, similarly these two opposite powers started playing their part in the evolution of this world. This resulted in the expansion of destructive measures and displeased Brahmaji. He became unhappy over the tendency of his creation absorbed in the collection of worldly pleasures and forgetting that universal power, that unseen power that was regulating their lives. He was absorbed in deep thoughts fearing that the universe would come to an abrupt end if that state of affairs continued for a long. The whole world would become atheist

As a doctor changes medicine according to the need of the patient, likewise Brahma ji pondered for a while, over the solution for the problem. He went into deep meditation in the lotus feet of the almighty lord, and then produced four psycoprojenic children through his satvik (pure) conception, who were named as Sanak, Sanadan, Sanat Kumar and Sanatan. They were also known as four sons of Brahmaji

Brahmaji asked his children to carry on the creation work of the universe. But as they were a product of pure elements so they showed their inability to do such a Tamsik creation; and requested their father to appoint some other person to carry on the job and leave them alone to be absorbed in the thoughts of almighty- the God.

As he did not find a favorable reply form his sons, so he started pondering over again to find some new medicine for his ills. After a long meditation he created Nine Marich putras, sons of Marich with the mixing of satogun and tanogun and having Radiogenic character. He ordered these Nine brothers to carry on the propagation of this universe. Hence the creational work of the world started properly for good.

That supreme power produced five main elements of construction such as Earth, water, air, sky (eather) and fire. To keep the stage show of this world going on he also created form (Roop). Essence (Raja) Word (Shabad). Touch (Sparsha) and Smell (Gandha). They are also called the five main subjects. These five faculties of mind are so much powerful that a person cannot leave all these five subjects though he has to suffer a lot of fulfill these five subjects. As a doctor gives sugar coated pills to the patient so as to keep the bitterness of the medicine under cover similarly God has filled sugar in these five i.e. roop, rasa etc. That is why a living being generally losses its memory. Just like that small boy who was sent to bring medicine for his ailing mother and he had wasted his money and suit as they were absorbed in the thoughts of God himself. They had no desire to follow the path of attachments as they were of pure Satvik (Virtuous-goodness) origin so they followed the path of detachment. Seeing this Brahmji send them to this world to preach the path of renunciation. The same path of renunciation was called the path of udasin cult. The udasin cult was prevalent throughout the length and breadth of India. It was in full bloom in the times of Vedas, Uprishdas, Mahabharata and Ramayana. In later period it touched its nadir. Just before the times of Bhagwan Shri Chandra ji this cult has almost disappeared from this land. Bhagwan Shri Chandraji with the grace of his master Shri Avinashi Muniji spread his teachings in all corners of this country and in the eighteenth century his able follow Nirvan Priyatam Dass Ji Maharaj underlook the difficult task of resurrection and reorganization of the Udasin way of life through out the length and breadth of this country.




Bhagwan Shri Chandra Ji Maharaj was born in the house of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Hi Maharaj and mother Sulakhani ji at village Sultanpur Lodhi,  on Bhadrapada Shukla Navami (Ninth) of Vik. 1551 (1494 A.D.)  Most of the biographers have said that he was an unable son of his father so he was not offered the seat of guru ship by his father Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji where as Guru Nanak Dev Ji has no where written in his sacred vani anything about his sons. Some one should ask such writers as who knew his sons better, their father or they who have appeared on this earth just 400 or 450 years after Bhagwan Shri Chandra Bhagwan Shri Chandra ji wa an adapt yogi, who under took the path of detachment superior to that of the path of attachment. He had given has life to the cause of welfare of others and was absorbed in the meditation and renunciation. He preferred truth, non-violence, relegion and renunciation to the involvement in the mundane affairs.

An Yogi of such pure and Satvik nature could not tried the path of attachments. Moreover edifices stand till date to his memory over the places visited by Bhagwan Shri Chandra Ji Maharaj. Such writers have written such wrong & baseless remarks without giving a deep look into the available material. It is a great blunder to malign the name of a person of that high a celibre, who worked and laboured throughout his life not for his personal gain but for his perople, his nation, his religion and in the welfare of others. His examplory characher could be verified form the works like Surya prakash1and Gyani Gyan Singh’s Panth Prakash. These works tell us about the respect given by first six Guru Sahiban to Bhagwan Shri Chandra Ji Maharaj2 . In fact such writers have treid to measure the magnitude of his life by their faulty yard sticks.

Had they studied the thoughts of the great persons of the world about religion, renunciation, meditation, welfare of others etc,. and understood them well, they would not have given such sarcastic and baseless remarks, because the great people like Shri Rama, Shri Krishna, Shri Isa Masih, Guru Nanak, Shri Chandra, Mahatma Budha, Shri Mahavir etc.  were never against any cas, society or nation. It is wrong to abuse such a great person. It is not just to slander the unassailable as one gets one’s own image sullied.

The way some of these writers have tried to distort the image of  bhagwan Shri Chandra ji by mis- narrating certain episode of his life is totally baseless and untrue. Shri shri chandra ji maharaj was a through great man, a great renunciator, a devout meditator, an adept yoga practitioner, truthful, fearless, non violent, well wisher of all selfless servant of the needy and follower of world peace.

               He was blessed with locks of hair over his head (JATA), a natural ear ring in the right ear, a three point tilak (tripund) over his fore head and sacred ash smeared all over the body at the time of his birth. Bibi luxmi has described all that in her book , Janamsakhi of  baba shrichand ji maharaj

.       mastak chand subhe sir gang,

      sunder mukut jata ko suhaye.  

       Sri man Mahesh sri girijesh,

      Kailash nivesh vibhut ramaye

      Parvati nath trishul so hath,

      Anaath ke nath sada sukhdaye.

      Sri chandra swaroop dhariyo kali aye;

     Moon over his forhead and ganges (ganga) river coming out of his hair, hair locks(jatas)decorating his head just like a crown. He is an ancarnation of loard shiva, lord mani Mahesh who resides over the kailash mountain, his body smened with holy ashes.

      He is the husband of parvati, holding Trident (trishul) in his hand, he is shelterless people and gives pleasure and happiness to everybody.

      He himself has incarnated in the body of bhagwan shri chandra ji , who has come over in this kaliyug with his body smeered with holy ashes.

      It would be helpful to understand the historical bacground of the time of birth of bhagwan shri chandra ji maharaj. The political, social and religious situation of that time was alarming. Lodhis were ruling the country at that time. The roule of Lodhi dynasty came to an end in 1562A .D.lbrahim lodhi, the king, died in 1562A .D .in a clashwith Baba in the battle of  Panipat.some four years later in 1529A .D .mughals overpowered whole of India defeating Rajput kings in the battles of fatehpur sikri and chanderi. Muslim rulers tortured hindus mercylessy. It was their pass time to capture , loot and molest the young ladies. Every day thousands of hindus were forcibly converted muslims. Every word coming out of the mouth of a kazi was law of the land. Hindu way of worship was banned everywhere. They could not play their conch shell, ring the bells, do Arti & puja etc. acoording to their set ways of worship. Anybody defying theseorders had to face (death) the music. All where helpless before this tyranic rule. Hindu pride was touching its lowest ebb or nadir. To sum up it could be said that they had no freedom of any sort.



Shri Guru Shri Chandra ji Maharaj was of a remarkable and wonderful intellect from the early childhood. As the saying goes, “coming events cast their shadow before, “he was altogether different from his fellow children in his likes-dislikes, his way of talking, conduct and mode of living. Everyone who met him was impressed by his words full of nector and brilliance over his face. Village folk were surprised to watch his daily routine. Once he went into a dense jungle nearby alone, leaving behind his friends. His mother Sulakshani devi got worried hearing that news as she knew that the jungle was full of violent animals. Village folk accompanied by his grandfather Shri Kalyan Dass went in search of him in the deep jungle and were bewildered to find him contemplating peacefully and the violent animals of that jungle sitting like faithful disciples around him with their faces turned towards the glowing face of their master Bawa Shri Chandra ji Those who had come to find his whereabouts got assured and returned to their respective places after bowing their heads to the greatness of this little child from a distance. Bhagwan Shri Chandra ji also returned home after sometime.

He visited his maternal grand parents for the first time in his seventh year and stayed with them at Pakhoke village for about 21/2 – 3 years alongwith his mother and younger brother Sh. Laxmi Chandra ji. They were called back for the wearing of sacred thread (yagyopweet) ceremony of Shri Chandra ji. After some times stay at Talwandi he moved to Kashmir for learing at the institute of Pandit Shri Purshotam Kaul. At that time there were only two famous centers of advanced learning in Hindu religion, Kashi ji and Kashmir. In a short span of time he learned all the famous scriptures. He had a meeting with Shri Avinashi muni ji Maharaj while at Kashmir. He became his disciple after sometime, sitting at his master’s lotus feet.

Another book is required to be written if I start giving details of his divine life but my aim over here is to bring home the fact that tradition to which the hero of our book Nirvan Shri Priyatam Dass ji Mahjaraj belongs, regards Bhagwan Shri Chandra Ji Maharaj in highest esteem. He stood eight steps higher to Nirvan Ji in the udasin. Tradition. After invitation from his mentor Sadguru Avinashi muni ji Maharaj, he carried over his mission of truth, non violence, service to his nation, love towards mankind not in India itself but in Kabul, Kandhar, Balochistan & Baghbad etc. outside India also.

Bhagwan Shri Chandra ji Maharaj was a great poet of highest order, a well read philosopher, guide and a fearless revolutionary. He always help0ed poor, unhappy and weak people, He was deadly against cruelity and tyranny. He always opposed lower of high status in the hindy society, untouchability and fallacious propaganda set loose by the Tantriks. He always stood like a rock against injustice and atrocity. He did not fear any big or small officer nor even the kings and faced them boldly.

He passessed godly qualities, wealth and prosperity from the very early childhood. He had to apply these extraordinary qualities where there was a need to do so, to bring home the tyrant, and oppressors, otherwise he would persuade them to do the right thing.

As it has been said earlier the period in which Bhagwan Shri Chandra had to live and work was an era of power, tyranny, injustice and atrocities. Rules of law was based on the whims of the religious leaders like Maulvis and kazis. A word out of his mouth was considered law and even king was unable to deny that due to such a state of affairs rulers were dictators and tyrants. Nobody was there to redress the hurt feelings of the affected persons. Everyday thousands of hindus were forcibly converted to Islam.

During such a dark period, Bhagwan Shri Chandraji Maharaj tried to bring on line, rulers like Jahangir, Kamran & Yakub etc.  He not even stopped them from doing misdeeds and trocities over their public but turned them his faithful servants. He did never fear them but persuaded them fearlessly, courageously and with hero like activities. It was not an easy task to persuade Yakub like despotes to stop atrocities and forcible conversions of Kashmir Hindus, to get 700 bighas of land from Jahangir as a gift of Nanak Chak village. To bring round Kamran for lifting the unjust ban on worship in Hindu temples according to hindu rites. It was an miraculous work of Bhagwan Shri Chandra ji Maharaj who possessed wonderful powers. He went from pillar to post, empty handed and barefooted to remove the agony of suffering people and did nothing to grind his own axe.

On one hand, Bhagwan Shri Chandra ji Maharaj had to face the heavy odds like muslim despotic rulers on the otherhand he had to counter the malicious propaganda of those Tantriks who were looting with both hands the simple people of India by merging them into the deep sea of superstitions and confusions. Bhagat Giri Sanyasi and his pupils were of that type of people who were defeated & converted by the Bhagwan with his power acquired through penance, by performing celestial wonders and by his wisdom. Bhagat giri Sanyasi fell on his feet and was initiated into the udasin fold alongwith his 360 followers.

Bhagwan Shri Chandra ji donated his like for the love and dignity of his country, his people and his nation. His love for this country and this nation could be noticed in the event of his meeting the guru (teacher) of Chhatarpti Shiva ji Marhatta, Samrath Guru Ramdass and preaching him to work for the upliftment and defence of his religions institutions along with meditating peacefully in temples situated in lonely places and to prepare some one as a defender of the hindu faith who could bring the nation out of the existing turmoil. Inspired by Bhagwan’s words, Ramdass selected and initiated a disciple like Shiva ji Marhatta who not only shook the tall tree of mughal empire but by up-rooting it, captured most of its terrain and kept under his able control.

Secondally Bhagwan Shri Chandra ji Maharaj’s love for his country could be imagined from the proceedings of the meeting between him and Maharana Partap. Maharana Partap accended on the throne of Udaipur after the demise of Maharaj Udai Singh in Vik. 1629(1572 A.D.). Chittaur had already gone into the hands of mughals in the time of M. Udai Singh in 1568A.D. All other Rajput princes had submitted to the Mughal emperor Akbar but Maharana Partap who was a brave, courageous and self respecting prince did not loose his heard and took an oath to fight the mughal king till the fall of chittaur, not to sleep on a bed, not to keep his moustach up ward and to have his food on leaves. He was facing heavy odds as his own brethren had fallen with him and joined the forces of his enemy no.1.Due to these reasons he had to face defeat in the field of Haldi Ghati in 1576A.D. and had to live in wilderness for coming twenty years. Bhagwan Shri  Chandra ji had reached there from Aby parvat enroute pilgrimage to Ekling. Mharana did pay a visit to Bhagwan Shri Chandraji Maharaj on the advice of this prime minister Bhama Shah and narrated his full story of Bhagwan.

After hearing his detailed story, Bhagwan told him not to loose heart and to take up the arms again. The day was near when he would regain the control of his lost empire. Brave people die once in their life time whereas a coward has to die hundred times before its death. Brave people never loose ground. Bhamashah who was sitting by maharana’s side was so inspired that he donated all his wealth to Maharana Partap.

Such words and the blessings of Bhagwan inspired the Maharana in such a way that he with the help of money donated by Bhamashah and his devoted soldiers, regained almost all of his lost empire of Mewar except the forts of chillaur, Mandagarh and Ajmer etc. from the clutches of mughal empire. This grate warrior died in 1597A.D




Champion of vedic culture and vedic religion, great man, incarnation of Lord Shiva, professor of Udaseen sect appeared upon this sacred land in the middle of sixteenth Century in Vikram Samvat 1551 in Talwandi village of Lahore District of Punjab, when the tyrant forces of Muslim invaders were ruling over this land of the gods, called Bharat. The demonic forces were disgracing the women folk of Hindus, The Muslim religious judgments/decrees were being passed against the Hindus and they were termed as Kafirs, the disbelievers. The Muslim rulers tried to convert Hindus by force of sword and Sufi Saints by the power of their miracles to the religion of the invaders i.e Islam. At that dreadful and horrible period innocent, harmless Hindu public, frightened and scared, requested the almighty God to protect them. Bhagwan Ashutosh Shankar, hearing the request of his Hindu devotees incarnated himself in the house of Shree Guru Nanak Dev ji and Mother Sulakshna Devi to prove valid his promise in Shree MadBhagwat Geeta and saved the dignity and self respect of Hindu Society, and revitalized the hearts filled with meanness and weakness to new awakening and activeness.

Acharya Shree Chandra ji with his God gifted powers and self-earned spiritual strength; adorned feebaled and frustrated Hindus with spiritual soundness. He inspired the tyrant and cruel muslim invaders and rulers through his sermons and march on good path. Ther were many Hindus who were influended by the attractive works of sufi poets and had left their age old vedic path that was supported by the scriptures and had followed the rituals and outward symbols of the invaders. Bhagwan Shree Chandra ji guided such way laid hindus in the right direction, put them on the right track and irrigated their barran hearland with the waters of inspiration. Shree Chandra ji was opposed to corrupt conduct. He opposed the downward dispostion of character, reestablished the age old Vedi Sanatan Dharma, the Vedic religion.

The great preceptors Shri Chandra ji cleared all the misconceptions about the spiritual experiences and philosophical concepts through his works. He, with the help of divine sight, obtained through regular austerities and worship of God, enlightened the path of seekers of the divine path who were way laid by the dark forces of ignorance. He forced Jahangir like strayed muslim emperors by enlightening them of their misdoings and by putting them on the right track. He worked successfully for the integration of India

There is a great fundamental difference of opinion between Indian social, cultural values and recognitions and western value system. The Indian Culture is based on spiritualism and pity where as western thought is based on Economics of money. We have four foundation pillars of life viz. Religion, Money making or earning, Sex and Salvation. This way we have given 25% importance to earning money or money matters and 75% to other matters. From these four foundations our culture gives more emphasis over the Bharma or Religious duties. This quality of our culture philosophical thought propounded by our great seers and thiners and propagated by farsighted greatmen like Bhagwan Shree Chandra ji, has always attracted the attention of the western world. Bhagwan Shree Chandra ji has tried to concentrate in a nutshell the vast philosophical content by using limited words in his works mainly short sized Matra Shastra containing  sutras. One has to dive deep into this ocean of thoughts, Who so ever goes in depth would gather more and more pearls from this ocean of Indian thought. An upper surface swimmer could not find those valuable pearls of though from the Matra Shastra. Some poet thas said about the famous book of ‘Bihari Satsayee’ as




The couplets of Bihari’s Satsayee are just like arrows of a fisherman though they are short in size but are hard to hit.

Similarly we see the same situation in Bhagwan Shree Chandra’s Matra Shastra. Its Chaupais are well stud with limited words but with such a deep meaning that one could speak on its content for hours together in a single Chaupai and write commentaries spred over hundreds of pages.

Indias name has been shining like a sun in the world due to the power acquired by penance and spirituality of thinkers like Acharya Shree Chandra ji. Our Indian civilization and culture have earned a front ranking position in the world. There  is a simister move to cover up the Indian cultureal values based upon human compassion by the wind of utilitarianisms but the philosophical thought proffesed by seers like Shree Chandra ji has enlightened to such as extent our inner corner of mind that no western cultural thought could succeed in changing the thought of Indian mental make up and Indian culture.

Acharya Shree Chandra ji has enriched the Bhakti movement of Indian Hindi Literature by providing a number of works. His Vani, teachings have guided many a human beings and change their way of like. It has been told that he wrote Chandra Bhashya a commentary on four Vedas but due to our ill-luck it is not available today. His other famous writings are such as Matra Shastra, Shree Chandra Sidhant Sagar, Sidhant Manjri, Panch devashtkam, Shree Chandra Shabad Sudha, Shree Chandra Panchdashi. Etc.

Some Thoughts

Bhagwan Shree Chandra ji Maharaj appeared in this world in a period that was darkened by the oppression and tyranny of Mughal and Afghan rulers. Their misrule has made the life of every Indian miserable. Women folk were under a perpetual threat of disrespect, rape and injustice because there was no cosial sanction left or no offical rul was followed by the rulers. Everywhere it was the ‘might is right’ rule. Mulla’s (religious leaders) writ ran in every hook and corner of the country. Their authority was unchallenged. the ruler followed every word uttered by them in toto without having a second look upon it and they abused their power over the poor and helpless people, without any reason. Every right thinking religious man was feeling distressed at heart watching their swear injustice and tyranny. Such an atmosphere gave rise to the Bhakti movement polluted and corrupted literature had weakened to such as extent that they had forgotten their civilization, behavior, heroic poetry and saga of heroic deeds. This resulted in slavery of Indian people and handful of invaders who had come from far off places thousands of miles away over powered this vast country and ruled it with tyranny as they desired. People of this country who boosted to be descendants of brave and proud ancestors worked for them like faithful slaves and submitted to their misrule. Bhagwan’s heart felt story for them as it is the habit of saints to be kind towards their people. It is a play for the Sanyasis and Udaseens. Such play of kindness could only be played by those who have turned their faces away from this world. A worldly person filled with selfishness and his hunger for worldly objects and fights for small things. Such a play could only be played by a person who has no desire of his own. Who has a tortoise like conducted, is averse to external contacts; and has contracted his sense organs and work organs into its shell. Who is asleep to the worldly objects. Who is stable in God even in his sleep. Hence Shastra is saying only he could understand the play of kindness who is not in sleep from within. Who is present in Shiva in his sleep. Who has recognized his inner conscience. Who has obtained the knowledge, knows his real self. Who is he? From where he has come? Who has sent him in this world and for what purpose. Only such a person could make compassion, his target of human life, Bhagwan worked all his life for such poor, helpless and miserable people. He did not bothered his own comfort and remained busy to remove their grief, pains and mental suffering. Bareheaded and barefooted, without bothering for his food and shelter, he confronted great Kings and Emperors like Jehangir, Yakoob etc. who were infamous for their tyrannical behaviour.

He gave his message through his works like Matra shastra and other books and it was not for any particular clas, religion or region but for the benefit of the whole community. Matra Shastra is not a mere poetry it is Richa – a hymn, an Upnishad – sacred ancient books of Hindus. It is foundation for humanity. It is a fact, a truth, a reality that could not be falsified. A poem follows the meaning where as meaning follows a Richa -  a hymn. Bhagwan Shree Chandra ji was a seer – a rishi. His vanni-words are followed by meanings of the worlds.

That meaning follows the sayings of Rishis.


The sutras of Bhagwan’s Matras are very concise but the meaning inculcated in them is very deep. For example Bhagwan says “Dharam ka Cholaa”.

Simply he uttered this half sentence and become silent. It says were the chola or robe of religion. He has not defined the Dharma. He said only Dharma and stopped talking. He desired that you yourself search for the real meaning of Dharma. How others define Dharma is left upon the reader. This does not mean that he himself did not knew its meaning. He knew but did not elaborate because Matra Shastra is s Richa- a hymn and not a piece of poetry. Somewhere else he has defined Dhama for us as-


What I mean to say is Matra Shastra is ithe spinal cord of humanity. There is hidden a strange secret, the reality of humanity in these sutras of Matra Shastra that is a great message for the benefit of the whole humanity. If the Matra Shastra is termed as the greatest formula – Maha Mantra. There would be no exaggeration in it. Bhagwan Shree Chandra ji has done great favour to me by showering his benediction upon me to enable me to present this elaboration of Matra Shastra in the service of the learned readers. I m extremely thankful to Sh. Shravandass ji Shastri M.A. who inspired me to write this book and helped me in the proof reading and other works related to its publication. He enabled me to remain busy in the field of writing spiritual books for the service of the society. I am also thankful to Dr. Gyan Inder Singh from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar for translating this book into working englisk.

In the end I would request the readers that it is not possible to produce a work without any defect and it is natural to skip somewhere. So dear readers please oblige me by using your power of discrimination between genuine and unsubstantial material and accepting the nector within it and leaving aside the deficiencies for me.