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It is faith that there is no different between Baba Shri Chandar Ji and god. How can we understand Baba shri Chandar Ji unless we have the faith to talk with him or see him? Without a spiritual

Background, how much of his essence can we capture? Baba Shri Chandar Ji was Brahmgiani a god realized enlightened being. How can we express gain?

While it is our goal to publish books and booklets on babaji’s life, it is far more important to practically demonstrate the effect of his teachings forth in such simple terms that everyone could understand.

Baba shri Chandar Ji’ Life Brief

Baba shri Chandar ji was born in 1494 as the elder son of Guru Nanak dev ji, the first guru of Sikh. As a child he was contemplative nature, and he becomes the first person to whom Guru Nanak prescribed the life of an udasi. In contrast to ascetics who leave the world in order to meditate, an udasi is a renunciate who lives in the world, maintaining everyday life as well as practicing meditation.

Baba Shri Chandar ji was renunciate-self denying, celibate, and dedicate to meditation- but he was also a farmer. His father asked him not to leave the world but to take the responsibility for the communities farm at kartarpur while he, guru nanak, was away. When guru Nanak returned from his travel, whole the village happily told him that they had learned from baba shri Chandar Ji how to combine hard work on the farm and meditation.

Baba shri Chandar had an extensive and dedicated following.

When the emperor Jahangir asked mian Mir, his own darvesh (Muslim term for a powerful, truthful, God-intoxicated holy person), “who is the greatest darvesh today?” mian mir replied, “at this time the elder son of Guru Nanak is the king of the Darveshes”

Baba Shri Chandar ji lived to the great age of 149, and his guidance was revered by the first six sikh gurus. Although his followers numbered in the millions, he encouraged them to be devotees of guru nanak rather than of himself. He never married but he took responcibilties for raising his brother’s son, Dharam Chand, and then arranged the boy’s marriage.

When baba shri Chandar ji was left the visible world in 1643, he left his body intact. He has exited for thousand of years and he is the same now. We cannot see him with our external eyes but he has not gone anywhere he is proof of what is written by guru ram das: “satguru mera sada sada, na avay na jay oh avinashi purakh hai, sab me reha samaye.” My guru is external one. He is for all times. He neither comes nor goes. He is the external lord who pervades all of creation.


It is a source of great pride to any wordly father if his children follow his instructions. How happy guru nanak must have been with baba shri Chandar ji as he fully adopted his father’s emphasis on meditation on the name of god. As gurbani(The guru’s recorded techings) says, “Nanak Ke ghar Kewal Nam- in Nanak’s house there is only nam.”

Baba Shri Chandar Ji continually sat in samadhi with the name of god. He did so much tapasya ( Disciplined meditation) that a great bounty of god’s gifts flowed through him. people of all religion from all over India flocked to him and become his followers because an ocean of god’s blessing poured forth from his merciful gaze. They loved him and prayed to him not only out of respect for his father but also because of what he became by imbibing and practicing his father’s teachings.

For his part, from his enlightened vision, Baba Shri Chandar ji could see his father’s greatness he was always praising guru nanak and to welcome his father on his return from his travels, he wrote “AARTA”.

Baba Shri Chandar ji bowed Guru Nanak thinking him, “it is though your blessings that I have begun to meditate.” As Gurbani says, “SAS-SAS SIMRO GOBIND- repeats the name of god with each breath.” By meditation on god’s name, negativity becomes erased from our mind and the bad karmas that encrust our mind from so many past lives are burned, allowing our good deeds to become strong.

Gurbani teaches that “the curtain which separates us from god is as thin as an insect’s wing- Bhanbhiri ke pat pardo bin pekhe durio”. When we meditate, that curtain falls away and we begin to see god within our self and also outside. How beautiful are mountains rising majestically, how beautiful the flower in their brilliant colors, how beautiful the trees, the lush crops which god has made! As Quran sharif says, “Praise be to allah, who create the heaven and earth, and made the darkness and the light. He it is who create you from clay.”

People have erected large buildings for worshipping god, but there is also a place within ourselves to worship god. However, we have lost our way to this place. The weight and filth of our past action has become so great that we always on the defensive, always criticizing other, always getting angry with others. We don’t have a chance to think clearly. We create division between rich and poor, establish boundries between religions. By contrast, when our thoughts are with god.

The creator has created rules for the creation, but did not make separate religions. Whenever god spoke, the message was the same. For example it revealed through the prophet mohammad that allah is pure and unique. In Gurbani the same message is given.

A religious place should be a school for the mind, so that we may attain god-realisation. There is no school where we can earn a degree by simply bowing at the gates. We must study and follow the rules of that school. In god’ school we must do tapasya we must concentrate. The purpose of tapasya is to focus our mind, to collect the energy of our scattered thoughts. Then we are blessed.

Now we bow at gurudwaras or temple  but our mind remains scattered. We become frightened in the face of even the slightest problems. Why should difficulties effect us? What ever god is doing is correct.

There is truth hidden in each of us to discover it, we must go in search of it by meditating. God is the force which overcomes our weakness and develops our strengths. God never gets angry or make us angry. God is always beneficent, always merciful; god always overlooks our shortcomings. God asks only that we bring our love to him and fill our bags with his love.


Baba shri Chandar ji placed emphasis on work as well as on meditation. Since childhood I have felt that work is just a important as meditation. We must work for food, clothing, a place to live, money to spend but not only for ourselves.

God is not with those who sit idle and create division between rich and poor. Who set themselves up as gurus and live off the donation of others. As they say in English, “idleness is the devil’s workshop”  only those who has no work of their own have time to criticize or think negatively of others; only those who have no other work have time to fight .I remain always busy and always pray to God. “Please don’t let a thought enter my mind that does not please you.” If you work hard, our muscles will remain strong; if we meditate our thoughts will be strong. If we combine work and meditation, as Guru Nanak taught. “Man jitai,jag jit –he who conquers his own mind conquers the world.”

To work for the benefit of the people by God’s grace I choose areas which are considered wastelands. I take the map and pray before God , “please develop this area. You are the most powerful. You can do anything. By developing this week and neglected area, you will be praised.” I have seen since childhood that we are to ask God for something for the benefit to humanity and work very hard for it. When many people come to our farms to free medicine, it make me very happy. It gives me even greater pleasure to see so many people coming to eat the food that has been grown by God’s blassing. As Hazrat Mohammad sahib said, “The day a guest does not come to your house, perhapsGod is not happy with you. The day that a guest comes, think that God is very happy.”

Our sevadars grow food by our own efforts. We do not look for donations or put pressure on anybody.  I want to remain free and I want the whole world to be free. Whatever have is for all of you. I have never left my difference between what is your and what is mine. Whatever is here we will eat and when it is all gone we will sit together.

Guru Nanak and baba Siri Chand never recommended taking charity or collecting offering. Rather, they always emphasized, as Guru nanak taught. “Ghal khae kichh hathon de Nanak roho pachhane se- work honestly and help others. This is the true path of God.”

This is no theory. If we link our minds with God and our bodies with work, just see what can happen. The practical result have been demonstrated at our big farm on the banks of the Ganges in Uttar Pradesh, called “Shiv Sadan.” That former wasteland was so marshy that in place we could travel only by boat. During the monsoon season when the Ganges flooded, the whole area lay under ten to twelve feet of water. But our sevadars, with there own hands and hard work, brought dirt in, built a dike and brick roads, and developed the land in to the fields of lush crops. Now people can travel about by bicycle and bus service and electricity have come on those roads to benefit the poor. We offer a free medical clinic and school.

Before we started developing Shiv Sadan, the neighboring people could not do anything. They were living like animals, having children-as soon as one could walk they would have an other. Animals simply pass through this birth to the next; humans carry their past deeds with them into this birth, but they have the opportunity to progress.

Neither the government nor the villages gave us a penny for the development work at Shiv Sadan. But if we love God and make friends with God, God will help us. Our goal is to help satisfy the needs of those who can not fully provide for themselves, to given them food, cloth, education and training, to teach them agriculture, to teach them meditation, to teach them how to love each other. It will take time, but the whole area will feel the improvement several hundreds of thousands of people have already eaten at Sive Sadan. Our policy is that we will help any poor person who comes to us for any reason. If we do not have what they need, we will still help them. Shiv Sadan has made such an impact on everyone who has come to see it that they have wanted to help in any way possible.

I will continue to love God and work to serve the people. Whether some one curses me or praises me makes no difference, because I am following my goal. Even if brakes occur in the road, I will continue to walk in that direction with full faith in God. Why should we worry? We should only become worried when we have done something wrong. We should keep our minds attached to God, stand erect, and walk straight ahead on our path.

When you love the creator, you share whatever you have with others. If you do not have enough to shear you work hard to create it. We are all brothers and sister. Do not get drawn in to discord types of animals, even tigers – used together where baba Siri Chand sat. he had a great love for animals and he used to talk with them, for the same God create the tiger as created you. If we all have the same God for a friend, then we are all friends.

Baba Shri Chandar is always with us                                 When we share with you the food that we produced with our own hands, our own labor; you will all receive baba Siri Chand’s love. You may not be able to sense it in your body, but perhaps you will feel it in your soul. Baba Siri Chand’s love always fills everyone who comes to him. he is the foutin of kindness.

Baba shri Chandar looked on everyone with yhe same love, the same blessing.he thought them to overlook people’scaste, religions;and personality and always recognize the omnipresent god in every person, as also in animals ,in trees, in the earth.he never proclaimed any separate religion or separate principals.rather,hestressed universal love of the one god whopervads all of creation,whom we call by different names, worship in different ways, and mediate upon by different methods.

Baba shri chandar is with us today, as are hazrat mohammed, jasus, guru nanak sahib,guru gobid singhji, and the other messengers of god we cannot see them because we have closed our internal eyes and just look with ourexeternal eyes

Baba shri Chandar was beyond the thrall of birth and death he proved that guru nanak said:”gurmukh avai jae nisang_ the one whose whole life is turned toward god can came and go as he pleases.”[13] at the age of 149 when Baba shri chander was siting giving a discharge, he got up and said,”I am leaving now.” Where did he go”? wherever he wanted. He walked away dressed just as he was, in his sandals. It is said that when  he came to a rushing river, he stepped onto a rock and it carried him across, like a boat. It appeared to support him because god was in that rock. God is in that rock. God is in everything, from ants to rocks to elephants.

Baba shri Chandar was Brahmgiani,one with the eternal light of god,one with that eternal power of which all the scriptures have spoken. Even though he lived in the world,he remained beyond the world. As guru arjun dev wrote, braham giani sada nirlep, jese jal me kamal alep A Baharam Giani is always detached as a lotus flower detached from the mud.

Baba Shri Chandar ji is here aternally look inside your self and you will see brahm may baba shri Chandar ji forgive us and bless us with his merciful gaze so that we may meditate and practice his teachings.

Baba Shri Chandra’s Ji life and teachings

Baba shri Chandar ji

Baba shri Chandar ji was a great udasi saint as described by hazarat mian meer in his conversation with emperor jahangir meer referred to baba Ji as the emperor of all fakirs elder son as well as the disciple of guru nanak dev Ji baba shri Chandar Ji was highly respected by kings saints, yogis, Sikh gurus and the common people of all sects and religions. Baba ji devoted his long life to meditation preaching nam, and to morel, spiritual and religion uplift of society, helping the poor. The downtrodden and those in need as directed by his father and master baba shri Chandar ji played a unique role of setting the sadhu samaj on the right path,


Baba ji was born on bhadon sudi 9 of sammat 1551 in sultanpur lodhi district kapurthala Punjab his mother sulakhani ji was a great lady who did all she could to help him achieve his goal.

There were several highly unusual circumstances surrounding his birth instead of crying he emerged laughing the room war filled with light a thin layer of ashes covered his body and a small curly knots of his hair were shining brightly his right ear loop was extended in a ring of flash living no doubt that he was a born “yogi”


Early life

                Guru Nanak Dev ji started baba ji’s training at a very early age, mostly by personal example. Thus, as a child he formed habits of rising early, bathing , and spending long hours in meditation. He was told religious stories and sermons to which he listened attentively. Baba ji did not play like other children of his age; on the other hand he collected them and meditation whenever they called upon him to play.

                There are several miracles associate with his childhood, for instants. Once when people got anxious over the delay his return from the jungle where he had gone, a search party was organized. It found, to its great surprise, babaji in deep meditation surrounded by wild animals of all sorts such as elephants, tigers and leopards. All were sitting at his feet motionless, perfectly silent, with eyes closed, enamored by his mystical power and in service of their master.

                                                With Babe Nanaki

                In 1558, when babaji was seven, Guru Nanak Dev ji left for his first udasi (long preaching journey as a renunciate). Babaji was placed in the care of Bebe Nanaki, Guru ji’s elder sister. “Respected sister,” said Guru Nanak Dev ji, “this is no ordinary child. He will grow to be a great saint, with a large following. He will have a long life and lead a separate seat. He will not marry but his younger brother Baba Lakhmi 








Udasi Bhekh

                On return from his fourth and final long udasi, Guru Nanak Dev ji donned the dress of a family man and removed his udasi attire. Baba ji begged him to bless him and grant him the udasi attire, and so was baba ji blessed and granted the attire, worthy of these as he was. Baba ji took a vow to maintain their sanctity to the end.

                Last world of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

                In his final worlds Guru ji reaffirmed babaji’s duty to reform sadhu samaj; “you and your brother shall be worshipped and respected not only as my sons, but for your own qualities and virtues as well and because of your extreme devotion and meditation on his  name which will unite you and that supreme power, the all-pervading God. Work side by side with Guru Angad and maintain love  the forthcoming Gurus. Power and miracles shall be your ready servants which are for the reform of the weak and the poor.”

Thus guru nanak dev ji departed.

Desire to see generation of guru nanak

        Baba ji was keen to see that guru nanak’s generation should flourish and not come to an end. He himself was to remain a brahmchari, so he compelled his younger brother baba lakhmi chand ji (much against his will?) to marry. A son baba dharma chand was born after a couple of years. This child was saved from extinction and brought up by baba ji with great care. There are stories and miracles attached to this episode.

Saving baba dharma chand

        When baba lakhmi chand’s hunting party returned with their catch, Baba shri Chandar was unhappy to see such innocent animals killed simply for sport. Baba lakhmi chand, realizing he would have to atone for his sins, took his wife and son Baba shri dharam chand ji on horseback and flew towards heaven to make his submission directly before god .To Baba shri chander , dharm shand’s life was invaluable as the only existing link between guru nanak and future generation so though Baba lakhmi chand had already ascended into the heavens Baba shri chander took no time to extend his right arm many miles upward and to pluck the the child from the horse  and bring him saftly back to earth

Baba shri Chandar moved to village barath pathankot with dharm chand and his lifelong and sincere companion and disciple bhai kamalia. The child was fed milk by suckling Baba’s big toe.

                        Wanderings and preaching

Such were the spectacular miracles which shook evildoers and saved the innocents from tyrants, forcible conversion and totures Baba ji traveled widely but his mission in muslim dominated areas, especially Kashmir ,sindh,Peshawar,Kabul etc. at the call of the people  was notably for the uplift of the downtrodden he advised rulers to give equal and loving treatment to their subjects,as that was the only way to please allah

The obedience and enthusiasm that Baba ji’s miracles and advice inspired were so spontaneous that there was a wave  of joy and hope all around. The Hindu temples  closed for so long were throw open and people were again allowed to worship in their own way for this boldness and awakening baba ji name came up  in many places

His unlimited reserver of spiritual powers drew people from all walks of life for yogis he had special message he paid much attention to those who had gone wrong because of ego or had misused the faith of the common people great hindu rajas like everyone else, craved to touch his louts feet. He readily gave whatever anyone requested: life to the dead, money to the poor, children to the issueless, water to thirsty, wisdom and courage to those who lacked them, and last but not the least, a strict warning to the aggeressors. His impact was so great that a census of all spiritual communities conducted by shah jahan and preserved in the nation archives confirmed that baba shri Chandar ji had the greatest following of any contemporary personality and that his follower were even more numerous than those of Guru Nanak.

Yet baba ji was so humble that he was an extreme example of renunciation. He had no property in his name whatsoever. With his immense spiritual power he was comfortable in the scant clothes of an ascetic and withstood any whether without shelter, even the harshest winter.

                Jehangir who had heard about baba ji sought his friendship being a sworn enemy of Guru Arjun Dev ji and Guru Hargobind ,theemporor cleverly tried to inject an idea into Babaji’s mind that Babaji was the rightful owner of   Gurugaddi of Baba Nanak to his surprise, jehangir found himself confronted with a discerning and upright Babaji  who politely but firmly admonished him for his effects to created friction. On Babaji advised jehangir extended his hand of friendship to Guru Hargobind sahib till his last

                                Babaji’s teaching

Baba ji was kind to all human beings but he had very tender heart for innocent animals he could not tolerate any harm to them.    

 Spiritual and self-improvement action were especially stressed. Both “Bramhchari” (celibates) and “Grathis” (family people) could be udasi as long as controlled one’s mind, body,  speech, and worldly desired (sexual lust for worldly possession) laziness,anger and ego were to be replaced by humidity ,sacrifice thruthfulness , kindness,contentmentand strong willpower

Naam simran would affect the mind only when the mind is first cleaned of all evil.outerudasi symbols by themselves were not enough,if the mind was not pure. Baba ji advised parents to set good examples for their children by  their noble deeds,and though acknowledging yhe importance of wordly objects.babaji stressed that spiritualsm and understanding onself were essential for the upfilt of humandity. Though himself a tiagi, he preached guru Nanak dev ji’s mission saying”all my followers of Guru nanak dev ji and through him shall they obtain salvation. “Babaji often Gurus shabads as well as his own poetryand shastras and Vedas. He praised rana pratap for his courage and blessed him by saving that those who die for their principals ever remain alive and obtain bliss his eyes shown such divine light that no one could face him or dare to argue with him.

                 Baba ji And Sikh Gurus

guru amar dasji 

       The sangat (spiritual congregation) once asked guru Amar das ji what was the best way to pay reaspect to Baba shri chandar ji. Guru ji’s answer was his own personal example: He visited Babaji at village barath with his sons mohan,Bhai jetha ji, and the sangat and in a humble and friendly way bowed before Babaji and asked the sangat to do likewise he said, “Baba shri chandar ji you are great, you are doing meditation, you have compassion for the sufferers, you have all good qualities “Guru Amar Das Ji also gave his son baba Mohan ji to baba ji as his disciple. Mohan Ji was given NAAM and returned to Goindwal Sahib with instructions to fully devote him self to meditation. Baba Mohan Ji was also trusted with some handwritten collections of gurbani and was told to keep these in safe custody till required.

Guru ram das ji

        Guru ram das ji visited barath in 1634 and waited for two days for the opening of Babaji’s Samadhi, where he was siting in deep meditation. Guru sahib thenmadean offering of five hundred rupees and clothesand sweets. On Babaji’s suggestions,Guruji changed the name of the town which he was building from “ramdaspur” to” amritsar. A return isit by Babaji to amritsar in 1636 was welcomed with great enthusiasm and ceremony. Babaji’s plan for the holy tank and harmandir sahib.

Guru arjun dev ji

Baba shri chandar ji used to sit in meditation not or two or three hours,but continuosly for weeks at a time .He sat in a room closed the door from inside and then carried out meditation without eating without living for any reason.    When guru arjun dev ji came to visit Babaji in1655 he had to wait because Babaji was in deep Samadhi from which he did not emerged for a long time. Two\place exist at barath today which mark the visit of Guruji one is piller where Guru ji is daily waitedand the second is gurdwara”manji sahib,”about a mile away where Guruji rested for the night.

        When he at last met Babaji, Guru arjun dev ji recited sixteen astpadis of his composition sukhmani sahib, but babaji advised completed them opto twenty-four the opening stanga of the seventeenth astpadi was given by Babaji on guruji’s request.

Guruji discussed many subjects such as his brother prithia’s miachievous behavior, the collecting of writings for the Guru granth sahib and the instability of the water supply in tarn taran tank which he was constructing for the removal of the affictions and worries of those who bathed there. Babaji blassed him with success gave some handwritten holy scriptures and told him to take others from his maternal uncle Baba mohan ji although Guruji had requested Baba ji to give some of his own writings for inclusion in the Guru granth sahib Baba jisaid.”I do not want to write anything I just repeat what Guru nanak has said .” out of his compassion for the suffering people Baba ji gave a vessal of water from his own boali to be poured into the tarn taran tank. And since then the tarn taran has never become try.   

Guru hargobind sahib

When the emperor jehangir imprisoned Guru hargobind sahib and suggestion that Babaji assume his seat, Baba shri chandar ji firmly told the emperor that all his power and loyality was in of the lineage of the sikh gurus.

        Babaji completed his mission and proved that as with his father his gaddi was not prerogative of his clan or nephew, though they were worthy in all respects and that for  the udasi sect, thedistnction between grasthis

The end

        Babaji arrived at chamba in samat 1700(1643AD) when he was 149 years and declared his end he gave sahansarnama and shri Arta to Baba mehar chandji, son of Babadharm chand ji and advised the sangat to read them aspartof their continuing worship of guru Nanak he bade farewell to bhai kamalia his lifelong companion and gave his last messages to his followers: those whowished to remain bramhchari and keep the udasi symbols must while remaining with families must follow udasi teaching sincerely .

        Thus saying, hecrossed the river standing on a slab of stone which moved like a boat and in the twinkling of an eye disappeared

        Babaji’s body could not be found.